About Us
       Showtime Beauty Pageants is a family run business. Our families have lived most, if not all of their lives in the South, the land of pageants and parades. Showtime is not only about the outside beauty, but was created to help individuals build self confidence and boost self-esteem. We believe that with greater self confidence comes much success. Having self confidence and self-esteem will allow you to make a difference in the world around you and give you personal success, as well as have a positive, realistic outlook on life. As you dress the part, “walk-the-walk”, and learn to express yourself with charisma,  we believe that you will find your inner strength and be more than just another “pretty face” in the crowd. With each pageant, you should see growth from within. We believe that all contestants are winners, there are no losers. We truly believe that pageants ‘Let Your Inner Beauty Shine!”  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best pageants in the industry.
       Showtime Pageants believe in giving back to our communities. Once a year, we will hold a "Scholarship" pageant in Georgia, Illinois, and South Carolina to help deserving students. Being part of a community, Showtime Beauty Pageants will also sponsor other events such as Gospel Festivals, Scholarship Banquets, and help local churches and schools with fund-raising activities. We will also hold other types of pageants which will include a specific category or all age groups, such as our "Mom and Me" pageant or "Masquerade Ball". We want to have something for everyone to enjoy. We think pageants are fun and we hope you enjoy each and every Showtime Beauty Pageant you participant in or attend. 
      If you would like to contact us with any concerns or  for additional information, please see our "Contact Us" page. We would love to hear from you.
The Showtime Staff
Pageants are held in Georgia, Illinois, and South Carolina.
Contact Info
      email at: showtime974@aol.com
      website: www.showtimepageants.com
     mail:  P.O. BOX 1091                                                               
              Bloomington, IL   61702-1091
South Carolina Pageant Director: Alice Fennell        Associate Directors: Liz Fennell and Kela Fennell Gardner 
                                            (843) 589-3309         P.O. BOX 819  Yemassee, SC  29945
Illinois Pageant Director: Annie Brown                      Associate Director: Sarah Brown    
                               (309) 452-5832
Georgia Pageant Director: Cynthia Kinchen              Associate Director(s): Nicole Miller, Stephonie Boone and Jeri Smith
                                      (912) 568-1609               
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